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Posted on: May 25, 2012


Hi, I’m presently living and working in Saudi Arabia, the proverbial “Sand-pit”. As the picture shows, I’m lecturing at one of the Saudi colleges and greatly enjoying the experience of meeting with, and talking to, Saudi students. [I’m the bearded guy on the left by the way]. In many ways it is a real culture shock living here getting used to complete segregation of men and women; weekends being Thursday /Friday not Saturday /Sunday and everything – and I mean everything – stopping during the five daily times of prayer. But as a writer, it’s an experience I wouldn’t have missed for anything. If anyone wants to contact me and share experiences please do so, until then, masalamah.

Hi, I’m presen…



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  • archegos1: Hi, yes, contact me on
  • omar: Hi simon, do you have an email address I can contact you on? Wanted to speak to you about one of the books you have written...many thanks
  • archegos1: It was a pleasure meeting you and your family as well Taha. I'm presently back in the UK applying for iqaama and will contact you soon.